"Metal-service" performs manufacturing and installation works of constructions from ferrous metal and stainless steel for industrial using, including:
- Designing and manufacturing works of tanks with mechanisms of hashing if necessary, tank equipment, stainless sink etc.

- Starting-up and adjustment works of the various food equipment, including installation of lines and separate units equipment, installation of technological pipelines, start-up tests, personnel training, guarantee and after guarantee service.

Metal-Service has the experience of installation both corrosion-proof and plastic capacities, experience of high-rise works in operating workshops with use of high-rise equipment, elevating mechanisms.

The list of the enterprises for which a various metal constructions and installations (from ferrous metal and corrosion-proof metals), including the tank equipment has been made:

- Henkel Bautechnik Ukraine,
- Ovostar,
- Ovobel N.V.,
- SC Johnson: Family Company,
- Galspirt (Buchach cognac plant),
- Pyryatinskiy milk plant,
- Myronovskaya birdfactory,
- Bashtanka Cheese plant,
- Golden Foods,
- Coc-Cola Beverages Ukraine,
- Slavutych Brewery,
- New products beverages production,
- Pharma Start.

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